Pre Marriage Counselling


Premarital/ pre marriage counselling is a type of therapy that helps couples prepare for marriage. It can help ensure that you and your partner have a strong, healthy relationship — giving you a better chance for a stable and satisfying marriage.

In a typical arranged marriage scenario, the girl and the boy talk about- house, job, relatives, expectations, etc. But there is one topic that the ‘would be’ bride and groom never talk about. That topic is Sex. This topic is not discussed and considered as non-existent. Shying away from the topic of Sex is not advisable. There are innumerable fears, phobias, misconceptions, half truths and whole lies associated with this topic.

Why Pre-marital Sex Counselling?

·        Get the Basics right

Even in today’s world, most couples get married and are anxious about the ‘big night’ but don’t know exactly what to expect. There is a gap in sex knowledge in individuals as the topic of sex education is still primitive in schools and parents stay away from discussing it with the children. For these couples, especially girls, there is a need for basic level sex education including the male and female anatomy and then explanations about the actual act.

·        Clear Misconceptions

So many myths in our society-Masturbation is wrong.

 There is always pain involved during sex.

 The girl should bleed the first night.

In our culture where we are not open about sex. Many couples depend on what their friends have said or done.  These myths if not solved at the beginning can cause problems in future.

·        Alleviate Fears

You must successfully have sex in the first night or you are doomed. This is what most of the newly wed couples are told by friends and family. There is always an added pressure to perform and satisfy one’s partner. During counselling, we need to explain that sex may not always be possible physically or emotionally during the first night itself and there is nothing wrong with either of the partners if the intercourse doesn’t happen the first night. As the couple grow more fond of each other, most couples are comfortable and find sex to be easier and enjoyable.

While most men fear about their performance, women are more afraid of the pain associated with sex. Some women are told early that sex can be painful and this leads lot of anxiety in these women. All the pressure and anxiety can add to the stress of marriage preparations.

Marriage is an union of two people who wish to embark on a beautiful new journey of life and we want to help couples to make this journey as easy and stressfree as possible.